The Panoramic Story

What began 25 years ago has grown into a major contributor to the green industry.

Small start, big dreams

David and Teka Hyatt started Panoramic Farm with a dream of making an impact both for their customers and the horticulture industry. That dream has turned into a reality for not just Panoramic, but for our customers who in turn serve their customers with excellence. We pride ourselves on the work we do to help you create something outstanding with your business. 

Steady growth

Throughout our history we’ve repurposed land, added operations, and built buildings from the ground up. It doesn’t take long to realize Panoramic Farm is different. From the moment you step foot into the perfectly organized beds, to the moment you learn how we work tirelessly to be good stewards of the environment, you’ll feel the difference. 

While Panoramic has had many changes throughout the last 25 years, our commitment to serving our customers best interests has remained at the forefront of what we do. 

Our steady and purposeful growth has helped us do things the right way, not the fast way. We’re here to stay and will support you and your business for the long haul.

We’re excited about the future of our industry

We have consistently sought to grow our business and the industry at the same time. Be it through our innovations in systems and growing, developing outstanding plant genetics, or even reimagining our layout to produce top efficiency on our farm. We believe in the future of the green industry, and we believe it is a bright future. 

Whether you are a longtime customer of ours or someone who is just getting started, we encourage you to come visit us and see the future of Panoramic Farm.

The panoramic difference


We believe in the same experience, excellence, and expectation for all of our customers every time. Going above and beyond is our standard and a part of our DNA.


We want you to feel confident in every part of the process. From clarity on pricing to consistent communication and explanations when needed. You’ll feel confident in our process from your first phone call.


We want to be your partner, not just a vendor. Whether it’s lunch and learns for our clients, support on complex projects, or even just a simple check-in to make sure everything’s okay. When you’re with us, you’re family.

Join the Panoramic Team

Our team began with a few and has now grown to over 35 full-time employees, and we continue to grow rapidly. Our goal is to create a pathway for growth and stability for our people, and a work environment that embraces each team member’s family life.

If you align with who we are, what we’re doing, and our core values found above, we’d love to talk and see where you can join us to grow a promising career in the horticulture industry.


Current Availability

Hours of Operation

M-F | 7:30am-5pm


3110 Tarlton Mill Rd
Marshville, NC 28103


Hours of Operation

M-F | 7:30am-5pm



3110 Tarlton Mill Rd
Marshville, NC 28103

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