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From propagation to final sale, we ensure affordable, quality plant material in large quantities.


plants with a purpose

what sets us apart?

We are shifting our focus to support green infrastructure and the sustainable landscapes of the future by increasing our output and lowering our prices. In order to do this, we specialize in a mix of perennials, grasses, natives and woody ornamentals. We believe these plans serve a functional purpose in the landscape.

How do we do it?

Through a proven process from propagation to final sale, we monitor the quality, consistency and durability of all our plants. Our dedicated team works to ensure the quality of our plant material exceeds industry expectations. Additionally, we work tirelessly to educate our customers on the best plant for their job or order. Our consultative approach makes us a leader both as a grower and a supplier to landscape contractors, growers, garden centers, municipalities and rewholesalers in the green industry. 


Woody Ornamentals

Playing a fundamental role as the backbone of a landscape, woody ornamentals are preferred for their strength, structure and color varieties. A key player for the future of the green industry, Panoramic Farm has fostered an obsession for these types of plants that provide some of the following benefits:

  • Have multi-season interest through colorful foliage, flowers, and bark
  • Offer years of functionality and enjoyment
  • Provide habitat and food sources for wildlife

For more information on our wood ornamental varieties, contact us today.



As more and more grasses are recognized as playing a vital role in functional plant communities, Panoramic Farm has expanded our portfolio of grasses to meet customer demands. We see grasses as outstanding plant additions to landscapes for the following reasons:

  • Durable and trouble-free with a wide variety of uses and forms (from functional/aesthetic to formal/informal &  short/mounded to tall/narrow)
  • Equally effective in both small and large scale applications
  • Add unique textures, colors, and even motion to the landscape

To learn about our various grasses, contact us today.


Green Infrastructure (GI) Plants

Durable plants continue to draw the attention of the industry as green infrastructure is on the rise. At Panoramic Farm, we are passionate about partnering with our customers to bring hearty plants, including native varieties, into the landscape. Some of the following reasons are why we love these functional plants:

  • Have the ability to survive harsh environmental conditions from drought to flooded conditions
  • Important part of a comprehensive storm-water management plan
  • Aid in providing clean water, conserving ecosystems, and creating a wide variety of benefits to people and wildlife

To inquire about our GI plant varieties, contact us today.



The seasonal show stoppers of nearly all landscapes during the right time of year, perennials take the cake as some of the brightest and most beautiful varieties. Boasting the advantages of recurring bloom and longevity over annual plants, perennials have secured a spot in Panoramic Farm's plant portfolio. Below are some of the reasons why:

  • Offer a tremendous array of colorful flowers and foliage for both sun and shade
  • Food source for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife
  • Once established, perennials live for many years with minimal maintenance               

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