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Benefits of Quart Sized Grasses in Community Trays!


We have a few different items on display this week, from quart-sized grasses in 15-count community trays to a variety of blooming perennials that are attracting monarchs still on their migratory path. We also share some of the benefits of the quart size pot and several of the varieties we currently have available at this size in the 15ct trays.

Benefits of the Quart Size Community Trays

While you may have seen us post a while back about why we started growing and offering quart-size plugs of certain grasses, this week we wanted to remind you of WHY these little pots pack such a powerful punch. They have recently grown in popularity across the green industry, and for good reason… they are quick to root, easy to transplant, and can rapidly cover an entire area of a landscape in no-time.

Some additional benefits of this size include…

  • Depth of pot ensures high root volume.

  • Quick to establish roots and grow when planted.

  • Larger than a literal “plug” and the top growth makes more impact.

  • More cost-effective on large installs than a 1 gallon.

Take a look at the below separate gallery, featuring three varieties we have available right now in the quart size community trays.

Call us today to inquire about other quart size plants we have on the horizon for avaialbility.

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