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NEW Plants Available + Fall Buds on Camellia sasanquas!


This week we are excited to showcase several new additions to our plant availability. There are some, like the Camellias, that were added AFTER our Monday morning availability emails reached your inboxes earlier this week. We often preach keeping an eye on our real-time updated plant availability for this very reason! We are often releasing new plants to our list for purchase, and this week, in particular, we have quite an exciting array to promote.

Planting Camellia sasanquas for Fall Blooms

Our crop of Camellia sasanqua is entering its prime season with fall buds starting to set and show color. Right now in Zone 7, we are experiencing record-high heat for this time of year, and while there are pros and cons to an extended summer heat season, the Camellia sasanqua bloom period has remained unaffected. We are excited to see heavy buds setting in time for the color show that these beautiful shrubs provide landscapes throughout the autumn months.

Take a look at the below separate gallery with some of our favorite Camellia sasanqua varieties laden with buds…

Planting these mature sizes of camellias in a landscape NOW will yield incredible first-season color and repeat performances for years to come. These typically are in full bloom by Halloween, so keep an eye out for updated bloom photos in our crop photo galleries in the upcoming weeks.

Call us today to talk more about the plants we have coming up for availability and to place an order today!

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