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Grasses That Add Variety to Traditional Landscapes


Adding Variety with Perennial Grasses

When many other summer perennials and annuals have faded, many perennial grasses are coming into their prime. These grasses are the unsung heroes of traditional landscapes for their incredible performance and growth potential within a single season. Furthermore, many of these grasses rarely generate the demand that many showstopping perennials get in the early summer, but they almost always outlast their colorful flowering counterparts this time of year.

So, this week, we are featuring ONLY perennial grasses that are effective at adding variety to traditional landscapes year-round but especially at the end of the summer season. There are all shapes, sizes, textures, and styles that you can achieve in your plantings with perennial grasses - this is the perfect time of year to view just what they are capable of providing to a landscape.

Perennial Grasses That Bloom in Late Summer

We talked about the texture & color perennial grasses provide to landscapes at the end of the summer several weeks ago, but there are many varieties STILL pushing these late-season blooms here in Zone 7. With the hot temperatures extending well into September, we are still seeing some amazing plumes on certain varieties that really stand out from traditional plantings. For instance, the Miscanthus sinensis ‘Adagio’, also known as Adagio Maiden Grass, is showing off its wispy golden plumes, while Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln’ is a dwarf fountain grass that has fluffy plumes fanning out from its green foliage.

Looking through the gallery of grasses this week, you’ll see just how much variety you can accomplish in a landscape through perennial grasses alone. It’s remarkable! Adding these grasses to an otherwise traditional landscape can not only increase seasonal interest but also introduce an element of surprise via texture and color.

Call us today to talk about the perennial grasses we have available for purchase today and throughout the fall season.

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