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Where we share regular crop photos and plant availability updates.

NEW Crops Available + Plant Spotlight: Rhus Aromatica, Gro-Low


This week we have three new additions to our availability that are officially ready for sale.

  1. Winter Red Ilex - 3 gallon

  2. Carex ‘Eversheen’ - 1 gallon

  3. Rhus ‘Gro-Low’ - 3 gallon

These plants have been hanging out all summer maturing in size, habit and root development, and now they are ready for sale and are sure to be high performing and reliable. Check back for more photos in the weeks to come as these continue to show off their unique characteristics and cool-weather colors.

Plant spotlight: Rhus aromatica ‘Gro-Low’ 3 gallon


This week we are highlighting an unsung hero of the low-growing, rambling shrub category. Rhus aromatica ‘Gro-Low’ is a deciduous shrub commonly known as “fragrant sumac.” It is particularly effective at covering a lot of ground within its first few seasons of growth, sometimes spreading up to 10’ wide and only growing 2-3’ tall. Despite its common name, it is non-poisonous and actually provides a lot of year-round interest.

An interesting factoid about Rhus aromatica is its ability to be monoecious, which means it can host both male and female flowers, or dioecious, hosting just male or just female. Depending on the plant itself, your Rhus aromatic may display double the flora in a calendar year. Male catkins (which are slim cylindrical flower clusters without petals) form in late summer and eventually bloom the following early spring. Female flowers form in late summer and give way to small clusters of hairy, red berries in the fall and early winter.

Rhus aromatica ‘Gro-Low’ 3 gallon

  • Deciduous shrub

  • Drought, erosion, shallow-soil tolerant

  • Zones 3 to 9

  • Full sun to part shade

  • Low maintenance and disease & insect resistant

  • Pollinator-friendly: attracts bees, birds & butterflies

  • Good for wild, native plantings and covering poor soil areas

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