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Where we share regular crop photos and plant availability updates.

Plant Features: Hydrangea paniculatas, Vintage Jade Distylium & Overstock Camellias!


Overstock Camellias

This week, we have several new additions to our Overstock List. This is our list of items priced for quick sale, and they usually sell out fast. We feature these periodically for their relevant interest for our customers. This week, October Magic Camellias have been added to the list, and we are excited to promote these gorgeous shrubs that are due to bloom in the fall.

October Magic Camellias

Right now, we are featuring our October Magic Camellias as they are beginning to set buds for fall bloom. Now is a great time to begin planning for camellia plantings and place orders to secure some of the more coveted varieties. ‘Orchid’ is a beautiful white with pink twinge bloom, and ‘Ruby’ is our most-requested variety with stunning red, jeweled-toned blooms in line with its name.

Regular Availability plant features

The remaining crop photos selection this time includes a variety of landscape staples of end-of summer blooms, fall color and winter interest. Two of the plants featured on the regular availability this week are Hdyrangea paniculatas and Vintage Jade Distylium. Read on to learn more about what makes these beauties unique and perfect for late-summer and winter interest.

Hydrangea paniculatas

We also are particularly pleased with the buds flushing on our crop of hydrangeas paniculatas. We are seeing the late spring pruning yield a bountiful set of buds that will produce stunning cone-shaped hydrangea blooms in the upcoming weeks. ‘Jane’ Little Lime and ‘Limelight’ are two varieties featured this week.

Vintage Jade Distylium

Last but not least, we are currently obsessing over the our distylium crop. This evergreen plant is a landscape frontrunner for reliability and disease resistance. A member of the witch hazel family, distylium displays a rich green, glossy leaf and yields a red flower in the winter. This little plant is a landscape staple for areas where a spreading mound is needed.

If you have questions about these overstock items or the other plants listed in our crop photos gallery this week, contact our team today!

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