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15 Summer Plants for ALL Landscapes


As the summer heat rages on here in Zone 7 in North Carolina, we have selected a variety of plants this week that are thriving and will serve different purposes in a landscape. This featured group of plants fall into all categories: both deciduous and evergreen, shade and sun-loving, as well as some blooming and non-blooming options. From the shade-tolerance of the Hosta to the sun-loving color of the Red Drift rose, there is a plant in this week’s gallery that will thrive in whatever landscape you’re planning for.

These plants are our mid-summer picks for our customers looking to either install directly into a landscape or use for shift-up material. Our team can work with you to put together a customized palette of plants for your job. We can recommend the best varieties for the application and can speak to the pros and cons of buying certain plants for shift-up versus direct install.

To talk with our team about quoting your list of plants for a install AND recommending the best plants for both shift-up and direct install, contact our team today!

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