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Where we share regular crop photos and plant availability updates.

Quart-Sized Juncus effusus in 15 Count Trays!


This week we are excited about the release of our 15 count trays of Juncus effusus. These are quart sized with specialized pots for strong root development and speedy growth once transplanted. In early spring, we began growing a variety of grasses in these tray sizes. We are excited to offer Juncus effusus as our first available tray ready for sale to our current availability.

In our featured photos this week, we are also excited to see the Fire Chief with its fiery tips and colorful gradient in full summer effect. We are also enjoying Mr. Bowling Ball, another variety of Thuja occidentalis, with its dense, rich green foliage. Both of these arborvitae were just released to our current availability.

As a reminder, our availability changes weekly (even daily!), so keep an eye on our real-time updated availability on our website as well as our weekly Monday morning availability emails. These emails include both a current and future availability list, so that you can monitor upcoming releases. If you have any questions, give our team a call, and we would be happy to advise on the right plants for your job!

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