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13 Reliable Plants & Easy Care Blooms


This week some of our favorite perennials and grasses are perking up and showing their true colors. The mix of crops we are featuring this week include some of the most reliable and easy-to-grow perennials for any landscape.

But first, what is reliability in plants and why does it matter? Well, beyond what common sense tells you about making sure you know when/where/how to plant a shrub so it will thrive, there are some plants that are on the less fussy end of the spectrum and are notably reliable and particularly resilient.

Reliability in a plant is defined as consistent performance for many years when planted in the correct environment.

Resilience, similar in meaning to hardiness, is defined as plants’ ability to withstand adverse growing conditions, like freezing temperatures and droughts.

Some of the perennials we are featuring this week are known for their reliability PLUS they’re in bloom right now!


Salvia nemorosa 'May Night' 1 gallon

There are hundreds of varieties of salvia, and the perennial ‘salvia nemerosa’ group is a re-blooming woodland sage that is known for being easy-to-achieve color in your landscapes. It attracts nearly every type of pollinator and is extremely resilient in both full sun (drought tolerant) and extreme cold.

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Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine' 3 gallon

A native to China originally, this sterile form of privet has a reputation for its ability to survive and thrive even in poor conditions. Used for hedging and grouping, the ‘Sunshine’ variety has beautiful, BRIGHT yellow foliage to make up for its lack in flowers (remember, it’s sterile!). It is the perfect choice for year-long interest at a low effort.

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Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro' 1 gallon

A re-blooming dwarf daylily, this variety is particularly reliable in its ability to produce yellow flowers all summer long into early fall. Known for its low-maintenance, this daylily provides a familiar flower to landscapes and thrives in full sun.

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If you have any questions about the perennials featured in today’s post OR have questions about what other reliable plants we grow, call today!

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