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Detecting Signs of Plant Dormancy & Snow on the Farm!


This week on the farm we are seeing many plants well on their way to dormancy. With the temperatures dropping and snow flurries making their appearance this past weekend, we are seeing lots of perennials showing dormant signs.

Obvious in the brown panicle-shaped blooms of the ‘Firelight’ Hydrangea, dormancy stops new growth and causes plants to cease metabolic activity and conserve energy. With early-December snow flurries and sleet, we were able to capture some beautiful photos of snow-ridden foliage around the farm.

The chart below helps explain the full seasonal cycle of a perennial plant growth and dormancy. To dive deeper into the topic, check out the 2007 research study, “Plant Dormancy in the Perennial Context”.

Image source:

Image source:

To learn more about perennial dormancy and plant behavior during this winter weather period, call our team of plant experts now!

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