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Plant Spotlight: Viburnum Dentatum, An Eastern U.S. Native with Year-Round Interest!


Spring growth is making its full debut with buds, blooms and new foliage forming on nearly every variety around the farm right now. One of our favorite plants to monitor this time of year for its unmistakable flat-topped corymbs, a fancy word for flower clusters, is the Viburnum dentatum, commonly known as Arrowood viburnum or Southern arrowood. Botanical legend has it that early Native Americans used the hardy stems of the plant to form arrows, giving it the name ‘Arrowood.’


The Viburnum dentatum is a bellwether among Eastern U.S. natives for its year-round interest. A year in the life of this plant begins with new growth in the spring, giving way to tiny, creamy white flowers until mid-summer. By late summer, the plant produces berry-colored drupes, which is different from a berry and belongs to the stone fruit family (think peaches and plums!). By fall, birds, squirrels and other animals in its environment have finished eating the fruits and the leaves turn from shiny dark green into amber oranges and Merlot red hues.

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Viburnum dentatum is a reliable, low-maintenance, vigorous, winter hardy shrub that can be used to form a hedge or individually for full upright coverage in your landscape. Maturing anywhere from 6-10’ tall, this deciduous shrub is deer resistant and provides an excellent source of food for birds, squirrels and butterflies. The nectar from the flowers is particularly appealing given its belonging to the Honeysuck Family, Caprifoliaceae.


Right now on the farm, these plants are still in their pre-bloom green state, and we are waiting any day for these to give way to its tiny, creamy white flowers. We’ve added this shrub to our overstock list for reduced pricing for quick sale. Call us today to place an order!

For more botanical information on the Viburnum dentatum, Southern arrowood, check out these resources:

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