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New Growth is Flushing Out + More Pruning Resources!


Spring temperatures seem to be here to stay, except for the crazy snow morning we had last week (check out our Instagram if you missed it). New growth is starting to flush out, which highlights the importance of tip pruning your perennial shrubs in spring to make room for this spring growth. All of the crop photos this week showcase shrubs that have been tip pruned.

We have provided several posts on the importance of later winter and early spring pruning as well as our very own infographic on five different pruning techniques for perennials. This week, we continue to emphasize the importance of pruning with more resources on this CRITICAL topic. Many of our customers know pruning is essential, but they often have questions on the best techniques, methods and timing for pruning certain shrubs.

Many of us have been scared into thinking pruning incorrectly can permanently damage a shrub, and while best practices should be adopted, the worst possible thing you can do is NOT prune out of fear of what your pruning may do. By not pruning and allowing old and dead foliage to block new growth, you are telling an eager plant exiting dormancy that there’s no room to release stored energy. Furthermore, the habit of the plant can be drastically altered as new growth seeks to push up and around remaining dead foliage, and simultaneously, the growth potential over the course of the upcoming season is stunted. So, prune, prune, prune!

Lastly, don’t let your assumption that consumer guides for the everyday gardener aren’t educational and informative enough to train and refresh your team out in the field. Every year, we hold refresher training for our team to make sure we’re doing the best we can at even the “simplest” of tasks. These resources outline horticultural best practices as a teachable level for anyone to consume and improve their pruning. Best of all, there are pictures to take the guess work out of any technical descriptions!

For more information on pruning tips and techniques, we’ve curated yet another set of wonderful resources:

Go back and reference our last post on pruning for additional links to resources. To learn more about our pruning recommendations and plant inventory, call us today!

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