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Where we share regular crop photos and plant availability updates.

Our 3 Promises: Quality, Affordability & Innovation


This week we are featuring a variety of crops that we are proud to have in our inventory. We also have introduced 15-count community trays. These are quart-size and fall between a plug and a 1-gallon for optimal planting convenience while maintaining mature root development. The introduction of these plants to our availability is yet another way we are delivering on our promise to push the industry forward with innovation, quality and affordability.

We want to take time this week also to reiterate the importance of three promises we make to our customers and why these promises set us apart from our competitors. At Panoramic Farm, we have always been recognized as a leader in quality. The pristine maintenance of our facilities and bed spaces are just one indicator of the way we steward what we have to offer. This translates to the topnotch quality of our plant material which is the product of our calculated growing operation, crop monitoring and performance analysis.

But we make two additional promises, and these have been our focus especially in the last decade as we have matured and taken a leading role in our industry. This is a promise of affordability and innovation. As we have introduced automation and new crop sizes and a pallet shipping system for common carriers, our customers have noticed that we are offering value-adds that no one else is offering right now.

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