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Where we share regular crop photos and plant availability updates.

NEW Crops Available + Root Development & Why It's Important!


This week we are featuring a selection of crops that include new additions to our availability like the 1g Nandina Gulf Stream. As temperatures stay moderate, new buds and growth are making their debut. But what we can’t see below the soil line is just as important. As new growth begins to show above the surface of the soil, root development is essential and is the #1 qualifier for releasing new material to our availability.

“Plant roots play an indispensable role in plant growth and development by providing anchorage and interface for water and mineral nutrient acquisition. Root growth is controlled by plant’s developmental programs and highly responsive to environmental cues. Roots are able to establish or avoid interactions with soil microorganisms.”

- Dr. Rujin Chin, Source:

Needless to say, we closely monitor root development and root system growth in order to know if plants are ready for sale. New crop additions are constantly being released by our growers to be added to our availability. In addition to newly-released crops, we have a variety of overstock items in the mix of photos.

Keep an eye on our availability each week to see which plants have been added to our inventory!

You can also monitor our “future availability” spreadsheet delivered via email every Monday. If you have specific questions on when certain plants are slated to become available, call us today to talk with our team!

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