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Welcome Spring! Pruning time is HERE!


Spring has sprung! This week, many of us merrily celebrated the arrival of spring with the Spring Equinox happening yesterday. This means the blood is rushing through our veins to get started working in our landscapes and gardens. And there’s lots to be done! Over the course of the next few weeks, final garden and bed preparation, pruning and planning should be taking place.

By the end of April, spring plants will be in the ground here in Zone 7. Right now, we are busy pruning to allow new spring growth and buds to form uninhibited. Earlier in the spring, we published a resource on When To Prune Deciduous Shrubs… well, folks, the time is NOW! If you missed our post on pruning, go back and reference it as you are pruning in the next few weeks.

We also recommend the following resources on pruning:

If you have specific questions on how to prune certain shrubs, grasses or tress, call us today to talk with our team!

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