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Late Winter Plant Photography & Garden Tips


This week, the farm is hunkered down for some late-winter low temperatures at night. We have covered a lot of material to protect from the 20-degree nights that threaten new growth. As we eagerly await the show of spring, we decided to showcase some of the beautiful colors and textures we’re seeing this week around the farm.

Plus, we thought we would share a resource from The Guardian for late winter garden preparations as a follow-up to our soil preparation and pruning posts from several weeks ago. While it may be tempting to go into busy bee mode in the garden, there are some activities that are appropriate and others that still need to wait. Read more!

In the meantime, enjoy the below plant photography that our team captured this week - notice the bright yellow and lime grass blades of the Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' and the copper and caramel veins on the Heuchera leaf.

Part of what we love about our team of horticulturalists and plant experts is their love for capturing plants in their beauty - leave us a comment if you’d like a Crop Photos post on tips for taking beautiful plant photos!

As you prepare for spring gardening, planting and growing, we would love to talk with you about how Panoramic Farm can partner with you. Call us today to talk with our team!

Post some plant photography on social media this week and hashtag #pfcropphotos to show us your favorites!