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How Perennial Grasses Make for Bird-Friendly Landscapes


The time for planting perennial grasses is now! As the landscape begins to wake up from the dormancy of winter, it is the ideal time to capitalize on softening ground. Beginning to plant perennial shrubs and grasses this time of year beats the summer heat and allows roots to establish as plants exit dormancy and the days get longer.

Beyond how your plants may benefit from your advanced planning, let’s think about how native creatures like birds gain from the ecosystem you’re creating when planting these shrubs and grasses.

Grasses Can Be Used for Bird Nest Building

We think it is important to consider the bigger habitat you are providing when creating plant communities in landscapes. An added perk of planting now is the friendly environment you are creating for birds and other native species.

By planting perennial grasses now, birds have grasses available to them for building spring nests. Many of our grasses can be found in birds’ nests here at the farm and in your plant communities as well.

Early-Planted Shrubs Are Bird Nest Refuges

Additionally, early-spring planted shrubs get a head start on root development and maturation in order to serve as the home base for many these nests, especially in areas where bird boxes aren’t available.

As we’re considering our bird neighbors, now is also a great time of year to clean out bird boxes and transition your feeders from winter to summer feed. For more information on what that looks like, check out this resource on The Spruce about the different Types of Birdseed.

Grasses Provide Birds with a Fall Food Source

Plus, over the course of the summer and early-fall, well-established perennial grasses produce seed heads that can be scavenged for food by native birds and stored up for the winter by other critters.

As you consider which plants to begin planting in late-winter and early spring, we encourage all of our customers to consider the plant community you are creating not just for your personal enjoyment but for the benefit of the birds and living creatures that make their habitat in it. Fostering a well-balanced ecosystem will only further benefit your landscape!

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We’d love to talk more with you about which perennial grasses and shrubs will work best in your landscape. Consider the animals that live and feed off the landscapes we create, and get started planning your spring plantings today! Call us today to place an order.

Do you love creating bird and critter-friendly landscapes? We do! Share with us your thoughts on social media!