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Pinks, Purples & Reds for Valentine's Day!


In the Valentine’s Day spirit, we decided to curate a collection of color-coordinated flora to showcase some of the most stunning pops of color we observe around the farm over the course of the year. This week’s collection of pink, purple and red berries, sprays, blooms, flowers and blades remind us that (1) spring is coming (2) flowers add so much beauty to landscapes and (3) color comes in all shapes and sizes.


We were also intrigued to learn more about this auspicious holiday and thought Jeff Stones’ article on “Flowers, Hearts and Decapitations” was an interesting read about the history of the day. If you’re curious to know how beheadings work their way into the history of Valentine’s Day, give his article a read during your lunch break today. Learn more as you read it here!

“Love is in the air for many in our industry and it is a good time to take stock of the many relationships and friendships we enjoy. Nobody should lose their heads over it but from my family to yours — hope you have a wonderful holiday and the start of the spring season!”

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Feel free to share our favorite pinks, purples & reds on social media this week!