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When to Prune Deciduous Shrubs... Infographic!


For many of our customers, the topic of when and how to prune certain plants in order to enable optimal spring bloom potential and growth is a common discussion. When dealing with dormant grasses, keeping brown foliage throughout the winter aids in protecting the crown from wet and cold conditions. Not following best practices by careless pruning can stunt new growth and alter the overall shape and size of the shrub.

We’ve put together an infographic detailing each of the main best practice methods for pruning deciduous shrubs. See below and click here to download a PDF to share with your customers and staff!

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You may have put two-and-two together, but this week, we’re featuring a variety of deciduous shrubs displaying brown foliage. While the inclination is to prune down the old growth, instead you should determine the optimal time for pruning based on growth completion and the overall goal of the pruning - is is to shape OR is it to thin OR is it to produce more blooms? This may change when and how you prune!

Contact our team to learn more AND share this week’s photos & infographic on social media to spread the word about pruning best practices for deciduous shrubs!