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The Pros & Cons of Warmer Temperatures in Winter


After a break for the holidays, we are back this week with new insights and crop photos. This second week of January has brought warmer temperatures than average for this time of year. While some of us may enjoy a hiatus from the freezing winter temperatures that usually keep us indoors, what is the effect this warmer winter weather has on plants?

Let’s explore some pros & cons of the warmer winter temperature and its effects on plants:

Pros of Warmer Winter Weather for Plants:

  1. The dangerous effects of ice and freezing rain are avoided.

  2. If later in the winter season, plants get a head-start on new growth for early spring blooms.

  3. Plants can still receive the vital cold period for new growth as long as temperatures aren’t too high.

Cons of Rising Temperatures in Winter for Plants:

  1. Cooler temperatures are necessary for dormancy to allow for growth to slow and roots to develop.

  2. Warmer temperatures can kick start new growth and budding before winter is over…

    1. Causing an unusually early spring that cannot be maintained at a still cooler-than-average spring cycle.

    2. And leaving plants susceptible to damage if temperatures drop back down below freezing.

  3. Plants begin depleting their stored up resources from dormancy (nutrients & carbon) before spring arrives.

Check out this article if you’re interested in learning more about the effects of warmer weather on root systems and spring growth.

If you’re curious to learn more about the effect warmer winters can have on plants, call our team of plant experts now!

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