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About Us

Characterized by our customer service and integrity, our reputation is one of the best in the industry.



Humble beginnings

In the twenty years since Panoramic Farm was established, we have earned the respect of both our customers and competitors for having high quality plant material, customer service, and integrity. In the summer of 1998, Panoramic Farm opened its doors for business after nearly 4 years of construction.

Converting a corn field into graded pads for greenhouses, black mats and infrastructure to support the farm's operations, David and Teka Hyatt started Panoramic Farm with the dream of one day becoming a major contributor to the green industry. 

growth and achievement

Quickly outgrowing the original footprint on the "panoramic" piece of property in Marshville, North Carolina, the farm has been incredibly successful. Panoramic Farm has been recognized with several awards for stewardship of natural resources through water conservation and runoff retention. Perhaps one of the proudest achievements has been gaining recognition for breeding and patenting both Abelia 'Kaleidoscope' and Abelia 'Radiance.'


future expansion

As a part of our shift to reduce prices, increase quantities and focus on a narrower set of plant varieties, we are constantly identifying ways to increase efficiency and optimize our current production processes. Introducing automation and building two new facilities is a part of our expansion plan for 2018.  


the a-team

Starting with a small team back in 1998, we have now grown to over 30 full-time employees. Without our team of incredibly dedicated workers both in the field and in management, we would not be where we are today.

At Panoramic Farm, we are devoted to the personal and professional development of each of our team members. Understanding the impact jobs have on home life and families, we provide stability and opportunities for growth that are unprecedented in our industry.

Guys 010.jpg

Part of what we provide to our customers is the value that comes when you partner with our team of industry veterans.

Our team has a broad-sweeping skill set with degrees in horticulture, engineering, finance, business and landscape architecture. Building an organization of team players with a diverse capability set has been one of our primary focuses from day one as Panoramic Farm.