• It's raining!
  • Blue Shadow Fothergilla fall color
  • Brilliantissima Red Chokeberry
  • Golden Shadows(R) Pagoda Dogwood
  • Northern Sea Oats
  • Michael Lindsey Sweetshrub
  • Sunburst Hypericum
  • Prairie Fire Red Switchgrass
  • Summer Wine(R) Common Ninebark
  • Irrigating grasses



So many things that we do as a nursery business have a direct effect upon the environment. Whether it's careful planning of our land usage, reducing irrigation runoff, or minimizing chemical and fertilizer output, Panoramic Farm strives to implement practices that are conscious of our environmental impact. Being good stewards of the land is always on our minds. We were honored to receive the 2005 Southern Nursery Association Environmental Leadership Award for our water catchment and irrigation techniques.

Throughout the growing season the majority of nurseries irrigate on a daily basis in which the daily water allotment is applied in a single application. Panoramic Farm uses an alternative method called cyclic irrigation, meaning that the daily water allotment is applied in more than one application with timed intervals between each application.  This helps to decrease the amount of water and nutrients leaching from the container. 

We also implement a very strict IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system that minimizes the use of pesticides and fungicides in the nursery.  Each crop is individually inspected and we only apply what is needed to correct any problem.  Our growers inspect the farm daily to ensure that our plants are disease and pest free.

Environmental stewardship is integral to who we are as a nursery and we are ever mindful of our ecological footprint.