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Orders and Delivery



  • Orders are booked with the understanding that it shall be void should injury befall the stock from drought, frost, hail, errors in count or other causes beyond our control.   
  • All additions to delivery orders must be made by 10:00am the day prior to shipment.  
  • Please call in all pick-up orders at least 24 hours in advance so that we may have plants staged and checked prior to your arrival.
  • We are not responsible for tarp material or labor to tarp your truck. 
  • No plants will be held over 30 days unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Please do not bring send your or bring retail customers to the nursery



  • All prices are F.O.B. Panoramic Farm, Marshville, NC.  Please contact us for further details.  This catalog cancels all previous quotations.  Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. These prices are wholesale and intended only for those purchasing plants for ressale.  



  • Deliveries are scheduled according to your needs.  If you have an order booked with us, we make every effort to have the material delivered to you during the week you specify.  Orders called in are scheduled to be delivered at the first available time period.  We ask that you pre-schedule our delivery as far in advance as you can.  This allows us to reserve drivers, trucks and plan our route. We can deliver most orders if given at least 48 hours notice.  
  • The minimum order for delivery is $500.00.  Please have sufficient labor on site to assist in unloading.  In most cases, material is shipped via our own fleet of shelved delivery trucks.


Our Guarantee:

  • We guarantee our stock to be true to name and in healthy condition.
  •  Due to environmental and planting conditions beyond our control, we give no warranty, either expressed or implied, concerning growth or productivity. 
  • We will gladly correct our mistakes; however, in no case will our liability exceed the purchase price.  



Panoramic Farm ships via our own fleet of shelved 24' trucks and 48' trailers. 

Partial Load Deliveries:

The following freight rates apply ONLY to partial load orders delivered on our own 24' trucks.  Partial load orders delivered via our 48' trailer will be quoted on a per load basis.

Miles From Panoramic Farm: Freight Rate (Percent of Invoice Subtotal) $ Restrictions
1-50 $100 < $5,000
1-50 $250 > $5,000
51-100 10.0%  
101-150 11.0%  
151-200 12.0%  
201-250 13.0%  
251-300 14.0%  
301-350 15.0%  
351-400 16.0%  
401+ 17.0%  

* Any orders delivered via our 48' trailer that do not meet the minimum order amount will be charged an additional $50.00 drop fee.

*At distances greater than 350 miles, combined load orders delivered via our 24' truck or 48' trailer will be calculated on a per load basis.

Full Load Deliveries:

At distances less than 50 miles, single orders of over $5,000 delivered to one location will be charged a flat rate of $250.00 for delivery (24' trucks only).  At distances greater than 50 miles, freight will be calculated on a per load basis.